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man stretching

The Power of Stretching: Why Flexibility Matters More Than You Think

Stretching is vital to your physical health! Don't let it be an afterthought in your fitness or daily life.
Everyday is a fresh start

Developing a Daily Routine

You may have heard the saying: you are what you repeatedly do. Whether we’re aware of it or not, the habits and routines we practice on a daily basis have a significant impact on...
Women hiding behind her hands

Shame: The Antithesis of Love and Connection

Shame. It’s one of the most destructive and isolating emotions that we experience. Shame can make us feel like we’re bad, wrong, and unworthy of love and connection. It tricks us into thinking that...
simple Livingroom

Why Minimalism Is Good for You: The Benefits of a Decluttered Life

When most people think of the word “minimalism,” they think of stark white walls, cold metal furniture, and people who live without any possessions. While this may be true for some minimalists, it is...
Women reading and drinking tea

Why a Daily Self-Care Routine Is Important for Your Health & Wellness

As you read the term self-care, what do you immediately think of? Maybe you think of washing your face every morning and night. Maybe you think of consuming the right diet and exercising regularly....
stack of books

How books can bring peace to your life

How can books bring peace to your life? Books can bring peace to our lives, but they can only do so if we make time for books. And making time for books means quieting...
wellness app

My Favorite Wellness Apps

In today’s digital-saturated world, there are great apps to aid in your wellness journey.

My Melaleuca moment

Over the years, I’ve tried and tested a multitude of wellness items from many companies in my quest to find eco-friendly products with proven results that are produced by a socially-responsible company. It’s a...

What is relaxation music for yoga?

Looking for relaxation music for yoga? Yoga without music is like a car without wheels. Indeed, yoga without music is like a cup without coffee.Yoga without music is like a canoe without oars, and...

prAna: Clothing made simple again

As a yogini, my worldview is fixated on uniting breath, body, and mind. This wellness paradigm informs every aspect of my life, including what I eat, where I live, how I sleep, how I...