My Favorite Wellness Apps

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I need help. Yes, I need help staying on track with my wellness goals. Even though I have more personal motivation than most when it comes to living healthily, I admit I don’t always hit the mark. And that’s okay because I’m okay with being an imperfect human being. I hope you’re okay with that, too. Just because we will occasionally fall short on our wellness goals doesn’t mean we can’t do everything possible to find ways to keep ourselves on track. Sometimes getting on track includes verbalizing your goals to friends or family so they can help keep you accountable. If you’re not keen on that idea, then at least try using technology to keep you accountable. In today’s digital-saturated world, there are great (and some not-so-great) apps to aid in your wellness journey. Here are my favorite wellness apps:

My favorite wellness apps


Meditopia is an app that provides hundreds of guided meditations. The meditations cover a range of topics including stress relief, overcoming anxiety, and improving motivation. If you’re looking for increased motivation and focus in life, or if you just want to improve your focused-breathing, then this app is for you.

My Possible Self

This is a beautiful app because it focuses on such a critical topic: mental health. The app is designed to monitor your emotions and identify patterns of behavior that will trigger certain self-help “modules” to help you overcome certain issues like a major loss in life or a significant stressor.

Sleep Cycle

While this is one of my favorite wellness apps, I must admit that I have a love-hate relationship with the Sleep Cycle app. The reason is that the app is designed to wake me up when it detects that my sleep cycle is at its lightest. This, of course, is intended to help me because it prevents me from having to wake up when my sleep cycle is at a deep-sleep level. The easier it is to wake up, the easier it is to be happy at the start of the day.


If you’re a “list person” then Streaks might be right up your alley. The app is essentially a to-do list that keeps you on track and helps ingrain good habits. By setting up 12 daily tasks, you can keep focused on your most important wellness goals. They could be exercising goals, dietary goals, reading goals, any goals!  Your task list is yours to create and customize.

Yoga Studio: Mind and Body

While I don’t particularly love the idea of digital yoga, when you’re living in a circumstance to prevents gathering at a studio, there are some pretty good back-up solutions to keep yoga in your life. By using the Yoga Studio: Mind and Body app, you have access to classes, tips, and poses to help keep yoga in your life. From beginner to advanced, there is something for everyone in this app.

wellness yoga app


In conclusion, life is a journey and it’s a journey that we can celebrate together. Even if you’re an introvert like me, there is great power in asking for help from others. And although using an app isn’t necessarily asking a person for help, in a very real way it is receiving help from another person, because it took real people with real interests to design these helpful apps.

Thank you to all the app creators. And thank you to you all for your persistence in seeking to live well.