What is relaxation music for yoga?

Looking for relaxation music for yoga?

Yoga without music is like a car without wheels. Indeed, yoga without music is like a cup without coffee.
Yoga without music is like a canoe without oars, and yoga without . . . Okay, you get the idea 🙂

Whether at the studio or home, relaxation music adds an immense amount of calming energy to any yoga experience.  Consequently, I’m surprised it took me this long to write an article about relaxation music as it is so central to my day. So what is relaxation music, anyway?

The role of music in our lives

The role of music in our lives is profound, but like the air we breathe, people overlook its power until they’re deprived of it! Music has the ability to change or alter moods. It also has the potential to sustain our spirits. There’s a reason why they call it a “pep band.” However, sometimes we don’t want our attitude to change, but instead, choose music that reflects our mood.  This is probably why Taylor Swift is so famous. People who just experienced a breakup, will binge-listen to Taylor Swift until their ears fall off. I know I did 😉

When it comes to choosing music for yoga, there’s a reason why yoga studios don’t play Creedence Clearwater Revival, and instead, opt for a more relaxed genre.  Considering this, I won’t wax lyrical regarding the reasons why relaxation music is essential for yoga. That should be obvious. Instead, I’m going to share some thoughts on what a good relaxation music playlist for yoga looks like.

Here’s what I did to build my yoga playlist: I copied it from my friend. Well, I didn’t COPY it, but I took note of the songs and artists and then purchased the tracks.

I give you permission to do the same 🙂

Here are some of the favorites from my playlist:

Om Namah Shivaya: Deep Yoga Mantra
By Shantala

To Lose Someone
By Taken by Trees

The River
By Leon Bridges

By Nifaj Chag

One Step at a Time
By Miten

Sun it Rises
By Fleet Foxes

Above the Clouds of Pompeii
By Bear’s Den

Rama—The Spy from Cairo Dub
By Earthrise

Srimati Radharani
By Radharani

At Once
By Beirut

Letting Go
By Braids

By Manis Vyas

Savasana Sunrise
By Steven Mcnamara

I Need a Forest Fire
By James Blake and Bon Iver

Black Mambo
By Glass Animals

Conclusion about Relaxation Music for Yoga

Hopefully, this blog post was helpful as you begin your own quest of building a playlist with relaxation music for yoga. Of course, many of you probably have Spotify or Apple Music subscriptions, which present a vast array of relaxing yoga music already curated for your listening pleasure.  That being said, I still recommend downloading a playlist to your device. This will come in handy if you ever experience an internet outage or if you desire to do a yoga session in the great outdoors.