Why I Love Bob’s Red Mill

This blog post is another company review, specifically for Bob’s Red Mill. Not only will I give a review, but I will explain clearly why I love Bob’s Red Mill.

For those of you who’ve read some of my other posts, you’ll know I’m not a fan of big-chain grocery stores. For starters, I don’t like how crowded they get, but more importantly, I’m often left disappointed with the meager selection of healthy food options presented on their store shelves. Take the breakfast cereal aisle, for example. Every time I walk down the breakfast cereal aisle, I feel as if I’m walking down the Vegas Strip. The sensory overload is appalling. The sheer amount of bright cereal boxes filled with sugar-packed contents is astonishing. I suppose, though, that’s by design. Once the kids get a look at all those boxes packed full of sugary-goodness destined to rot their precious teeth, there’s no turning back.

Stay away from this sugary nonsense

Thankfully, there is usually one redeeming moment during my stroll through the breakfast cereal aisle, and that is the moment I come face-to-face with the simple bags of Bob’s Red Mill flours and meals. 

I first learned about Bob’s Red Mills when I was on the hunt for some cornmeal to make homemade tortillas that worked with my diet. (Besides. I don’t like store-bought tortillas). During my google searching for cornmeal, the name “Bob’s Red Mill” kept hitting my search results page. I recognized the name and knew it was a brand sold at my local grocery store, but I really didn’t know much about it. In fact, to be honest, for some reason, I had already pre-judged Bob’s Red Mill to be a faux health-food company. Oh, how I was wrong!

What is Bob’s Red Mill?

You, too, have probably seen Bob’s Red Mill products at your local grocery store. The company is well-known for it’s assortment of artisan flours and meals, all packaged in small, simply-designed packets, fit for easy storage in a kitchen cabinet. However, what you probably don’t know is that in addition to artisan flours and meals, Bob’s Red Mills also sells cereals, oats, mixes, seeds, beans, granola, health bars, and more! Bob’s Red Mill really is much more than even the grocery store aisle presents.

A visit to the Bob’s Red Mill website provides not only the full catalog of products they sell, but it also provides the full story about the company. And what a story! Although I was already sold on the products, the story about Bob’s Red Mill truly sealed the deal. I love companies with great stories, particularly when those stories have to do with helping people and helping the environment. Bob’s Red Mill does both!

Bob got his start by purchasing antique mill stones

“I envisioned the mill as a way to do what I wanted to do, what I believed in, which was whole grains. It was unique, it was healthy, and it fit all my aspirations for helping people.”


Once you know who Bob is, you’ll see why I love Bob’s Red Mill

There are some companies that are known as much for their legacy founder as they are known for their incredible products. Such is the case with Bob’s Red Mill. After all, the founder’s name is in the name of the company!

Yes, Bob is a real person, and the image on the product logo really is Bob.

Bob Moor began his entrepreneurial career in the 1950s when he bought a gas station in California. However, when he and his wife Charlee started to get frustrated with the smog and pollution around Los Angeles, they decided to leave the city and head to a more rural atmosphere.  From there, his career took an eclectic ride with employment at a tire shop, J.C. Penney, and even starting a goat farm!

In the 1960s, Bob started to show interest in the art of grinding using a stone mill rather than a steel mill. He says this interest was aided when he read the book “John Goffe’s Mill.” Soon thereafter, he purchased some mill stones and later a stone millhouse, which he painted red—leading, of course, to the eventual company name of “Bob’s Red Mill.”

Company Facts and FAQs

Question:            When was Bob’s Red Mill Founded?

Answer:               1978

Question:            Who is the CEO?

Answer:               Bob Moore

Question:            Where is Bob’s Red Mill located?

Answer:               Milawukie, Oregon

Question:            How many employees does Bob’s Red Mill have?

Answer:               Over 500

Question:            What kinds of products does Bob’s Red Mill make?

Answer:               Bob’s Red Mill makes a wide range of milled flours and meals. The company also sells mixes, baking aids, bars, smoothie packets, breakfast cereals, beans, seeds, and books.

My Favorite Products

Indeed, I love Bob’s Red Mill, and my favorite products from Bob’s Red Mill are the following:

  • Almond Flour

Some of my friends are gluten-intolerant, so I like to keep almond flour on hand in case I want to bake something for them. There are many paleo baking recipes that work wonderfully with Bob’s Red Mill Almond Flour.

  • Organic Whole Wheat Flour

I buy this product for my mother, because I love her home-baked bread which is all-the-better when using Bob’s Red Mill organic whole wheat flour. Did I mention, this flour is certified organic? Well, it is.

  • Medium Grind Cornmeal

I use this to make my favorite cornbread recipe. The texture is perfect, without too much “crumbiness”


Bob’s Red Mill is one of those company’s that checks so many of the good boxes for me. From what I’ve discovered, (1) the company has excellent, healthy products, (2) it cares about treating employees with dignity and respect, and (3) it cares for the environment, which is a central part of the company’s mission. Bob’s Red Mill products will always have a welcome place in my home cupboards and pantry. Than you, Bob.