Is DietBet legit?

Is Dietbet Legit? The purpose of this blog post is to pick apart one of the internet’s most popular dieting apps!

If you’re like me, the process of maintaining a healthy weight can seem like a never-ending battle.  I’ve tried a bunch of “weight loss programs,” which are all fine, but, in the end, my motivation to stick-to-it for the long-term usually fizzles because I don’t see rewards fast enough. 

However, earlier this year, I happily discovered the weight-loss app, DietBet as I was researching healthy snacks online. It not only helps me keep my weight in check, but provides great rewards for doing so. And when I say rewards, I’m talking MONEY.  That’s right. Although no amount of money can replace good health and wellness, . . . it sure can help. It’s amazing what the prospect of catching a little cash can do to motivate me.

The notion of getting paid to lose weight sounds too good to be true, right? That’s what I thought. Since becoming repeat DietBet participant, and telling others about it, I’m often asked the question: Is DietBet legit?

The DietBet App

The name of the app, DietBet, says it all: It’s a social network-centric app where participants place real-money bets with the commitment that they’ll lose a certain amount of body weight within a certain amount of time.

Usually, the wager is somewhere between $30 and $100, depending on the “game” you choose, and requires participants to lose a percentage (e.g. 4%) of body weight to win.  Although there are other participants in the game, you technically aren’t competing against anyone except yourself. 

If you achieve your weight loss goal, DietBet deposits the winnings directly into a connected checking account.  If you don’t achieve the weight loss goal, you’ll be out the money wagered when you started the game. 

Weighing in

One of the most impressive things about DietBet, IMO, is how well they prevent cheating by contestants. And although we all would wish that people are sincere when playing games, there inevitably are a handful of cheaters looking for ways to “game” the . . . game—especially when money is involved.

Thankfully, the referees at DietBet have perfected a system that helps keep participants honest in their weekly weigh-ins.  This system requires participants to validate their weight using a “two-photo validation process.”  When a participant is ready to submit an official weigh-in, DietBet provides a time-specific word that the participant is required to write down on a piece of paper.  Afterwhich, the participant is asked to take a full-length photo of herself standing on the scale and another photo of the scale’s reading with the time-specific word clearly visible. 

The time-specific nature of the photos prevents users from using an old photo. It also prevents users from weighing-in after the deadline.

How to get started in a DietBet game

Because DietBet has nearly 1 million players and has paid out over $62 million in winnings, the company has perfected the onboarding process for newbies. 

In order to play, just go to the DietBet homepage and click the Play Now button.  You’ll then be guided through the enrollment process, which is nothing more than connecting your Facebook account or providing an email address. 

Once you’ve enrolled, you’re in! Just choose a DietBet, provide your credit card info (to place your bet), and start shedding the pounds!

And DietBet doesn’t just help you lose weight; it also helps you maintain a healthy weight.  The app has programs geared specifically for maintaining a healthy weight once you’ve arrived at your target weight.  I like that DietBet sees beyond the basic task of lightening the scale.

Oh, and did I mention it’s fun! J

So, is Dietbet legit?

So, is Dietbet legit? I would say so, yes!

Like all weight-loss “programs,” building momentum with your first Dietbet still requires dedication and concerted effort. However, as I can attest from personal experience, there’s something very motivating when you see that deposit from your first DietBet win hit your bank account.  It’s not winning the Powerball jackpot, but it’s winning SOMETHING! And when you really think about it, you are hitting the jackpot when you succeed in a DietBet, because, as written earlier, no amount of money can replace good health and wellness.