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I enjoy sharing my opinion about things, especially consumer products that I personally experience. The reason is simple. I love making it easier for others to make decisions. Some people don’t like hearing the opinions of others. Not me! And though I think my opinion is pretty darn authoritative, there are other voices to hear. This is why I like to write the occasional review of reviews. Or in other words, I like to write about what other online reviewers are saying. In today’s post, I will do a review of reviews on Bob’s Red Mill.

Due Diligence

As with every review-of-reviews article, it is important for people to know that I have a healthy dose of respect for the process of exhibiting due diligence. Moreover, I feel owe it to my blog family to share the good comments and bad comments I discover about a product. I do this in order to paint a clear, true picture of a company’s online reputation according to what reviewers are saying, instead of basing it solely on what company representatives are saying.

My process of conducting a review-of-reviews takes me to the following review sites where I glean helpful reviews from a myriad of customers and employees: Trust Pilot, sitejabber, and Glassdoor.

Here are the reviews

Trust Pilot Bob’s Red Mill Reviews

When a customer leaves a review about a company on Trust Pilot, they choose a star ranking (five possible) for the company. These include: Bad, Poor, Average, Great, and Excellent.

Here are a few of the Trust Pilot reviews people left:

Review #1

The vital wheat gluten is such an amazing product. Can’t say enough great things about it. Well done guys.


My thoughts

This review could well have been written by me. Short and concise. Because this reviewer “cant’ say enough” they simply choose to say very little. I like it.

Review #2

Excellent product line and prompt delivery of products. The staff have been available to deal with delivery issues and have made no mistakes in attempting deliveries while travelling in Oregon and getting the product to me despite my moves from one locale to another.


My thoughts

Unlike the first review, which only talks about product excellence. This review goes make it a point to call out the excellent customer service at Bob’s Red Mill. This, of course, is big for me. I don’t care how wonderful your products are, if you have lousy customer service, I’m buying elsewhere.

Sitejabber Reviews

I usually find sitejabber to be a great company review site because it has FAQs along with customer reviews. Similar to Trust Pilot, the reviews are based on a five-star ranking. The overall star ranking is based on the rankings reviewers give in five key areas: Service, Value, Shipping, Returns, and Quality.

Unfortunately, sitejabber is not a good place to go if you’re looking for a robust set of reviews about Bob’s Red Mill. Why? Because there is only ONE review, and it clearly is a review left by a grumpy customer. I share it here below just so you know what a lousy-looking review looks like. Not a lousy review, but a lousy-looking review. This person is trying to litigate their issues in a novel-length review. Don’t do it that way. Doing so makes you look like a whiner, and it isn’t helpful to those of us who are looking for a simple product or company review.

Glassdoor Bob’s Red Mill Employee Reviews

Until now, I’ve only shared customer reviews. Yet, there’s more to a company than what customers think of its products. What does the workforce think of it?

Glassdoor is the internet’s best site for anonymous reviews written by employees about the companies they work for.  Glassdoor requires each reviewer to list positives and negatives in their review.

Here are some reviews on about Bob’s Red Mill

Review #1

I have been working at Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods full-time for more than 3 years.


  • Wonderful Benefits
  • Room for Growth
  • Great HR Team
  • Professional, yet still allows room for fun
  • Wonderful Products
  • Cares abou their employees
  • Employees Stock Ownership Program


  • C-level employees are a little impersonal. They aren’t mean or unprofessional or anything but they can be a little intimidating

Advice to Management

Most management that I have worked with have been great. I think every manager has a different style so of course there may be some things I disagree with but overall I think they are doing a great job.

My Thoughts:

I like how this reviewer was willing to talk about their concerns with the “impersonal” nature of the C-suite. However, you can tell this person is treading lightly!

Review #2

I have been working at Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods full-time for more than 10 years.


  • Great benefits, ESOP, Monthly Profit Share


  • Management doesn’t care about employees

My Thoughts:

Dang, this sure sounds like a conflicted review. I’m a little perplexed on how this person has made it ten years with the perception that “management doesn’t care about employees.” I would be interested to learn more about this person’s issues with management. It would help me and others who really want to know what’s going on behind the curtain!

Now, if I were to learn that management truly was being terrible to its employees, I wouldn’t want to support that company, but when you look at the fact that their CEO has a 92% approval rating from employees, I’m inclined to believe that problem-management isn’t a systemic problem at Bob’s Red Mill.


Well there you have it folks: My review-of-reviews for Bob’s Red Mill.

My concluding opinion is this: As is the case with every company, you’ll have people who like the organization and and who hate the organization. With Bob’s Red Mill, I certainly found cranky reviews, but for the most part, I’m seeing very positive things. And the most impressive of all was the incredible 92% approval ranking of the CEO! When employees like their boss, they usually like their jobs. And if they like their job, then they’re usually producing great products! So, I’ll continue supporting Bob’s Red Mill and buying their amazing, healthy products.