Swiss Apple Skincare

Swiss Apple Skincare

The skincare industry has been revolutionized by the discovery and introduction of the Swiss Apple into various skin care products. Specifically, the anti-aging category has benefited from this discovery. The apple, specifically known as the Uttwiler Spatlauber, first began receiving attention when it would not wither after sitting for months. This rare string of apple is a nearly extinct variety of apple found exclusively in Switzerland. Research claims that the Swiss Apple is capable of reversing the appearance of aging in your skin and increasing the duration of life for our cells. Some indicate there is a possibility of the powerful fruit to bring back lost hair.

Similar to humans and other animals, plants also have stem cells. Plant stem cells found in the Swiss Apple are dependent upon signals from surrounding cells for development as well as epigenetic control. One major difference, though, between human and plant stem cells is the ability plant stem cells have to create an entirely new plant.

What makes the Swiss Apple so great is the amount of powerful plant stem cells housed in the apple. Overall, the idea of plant stem cells interacting with human stem cells, specifically skin cells, will eliminate aging characteristics like wrinkles thus making the skin look younger. The overall makeup of any cosmetic product typically included 1-2% of the apple.

Early research into the apple showed that after the apple was cut, it immediately began forming a protective callus layer consisting of plant stem cells. After these cells were harvested and added to a solution and human tested, the results were staggering. Researchers saw an increased production of human stem cells by nearly 80% after the application of the solution.

All the more incredible was the way the human cells responded to UV light. Normal human cells that had not interacted with the Swiss Apple infused solution saw 50% of the cells die after UV light exposure. However, skin being treated with the Swiss Apple saw hardly any cells affected by exposure to UV light.

In regards to hair health, similar results were discovered. Hair follicles that were not treated with the new apple solution dose after 14 days while those follicles exposed to the apple solution continued growing for 18 days.

Lately, many big name cosmetic companies such as Lancôme have introduced skin care lines with the Swiss Apple included in them. There are approximately 100 companies around the world that use the Swiss Apple in their products. Various fans of cosmetics infused with the Swiss Apple include Michelle Obama and Jennifer Lopez. Fortunately, the introduction of this ingredient has entered into mainstream skin care and more affordable skin care systems that allow non-celebrity women to enjoy the fruits of the labor of the Swiss apple. A Google search for skin care systems that feature the Swiss apple include options from Indie Lee, Kyani, and Via Nature. Do your research and find the system that works best for you. You won’t be disappointed.

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