Why You Need to Take Daily Supplements

Why You Need to Take Daily Supplements

Theoretically, human beings should be able to get all the nutrients they need from food. In the 21st century, however, there are three primary factors that have made this no longer feasible. Here are three reasons we no longer get adequate nutrition from food and why taking a daily supplement is important.

1. Over farming

Our body is made up of cells that constantly dying. Contrary to popular belief, however, they don’t all die at the same rate and we do not actually have an entirely new body every 7 years. They do die off regularly, however, and have to be replaced when they do. This is why we eat. But we need very specific materials to replenish those cells, namely a key group of vitamins and minerals.

Happily, these minerals are found in soil, but soil doesn’t taste very good. When you plant a seed, however, it not only absorbs these minerals but also produces a “fruit” of come kind (some of which we call vegetables) that is far more tasty than soil. The problem is that when food is over farmed, it becomes devoid of the minerals and nutrients our body needs to replenish cellular degeneration. While overfarming is a recognized problem in developing nations where food literally can’t grow, it is also a problem in the US where we use chemicals and fertilizers to force food to grow in soil that doesn’t have the proper nutrients for it to grow naturally. Supplements can help replace what is lacking from food grown in nutrient poor soil.

2. Sedentary lifestyles

Technology has created a world in which we have to expend less physical effort than ever before. This has created a corresponding need to consume fewer calories than ever before to maintain body weight. The less food we eat, however, the less nutrients we consume. Our low calorie diets might be great for our waistline, but they tend to be horrible for our consumption of vital nutrients. Supplements can help make up for this deficiency without adding additional calories.

3. Processing

Like over farming, processing also robs foods of many of their vital nutrients. Some processing involves heating foods to the point that all of the natural nutrients are killed off – along with bacteria. Including the healthy bacteria we need for good digestions. In other cases, processing grinds foods down so fine that it causes food to pass so rapidly through our system that nutrients can’t be properly absorbed from it. Supplements also help us get the nutrients that processing keeps us from absorbing.

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