Changing Your Bad Eating Habits

Changing Your Bad Eating Habits

Summer is right around the corner, but for people who haven’t been eating right and exercising, a trip to the beach or the pool might not sound so tempting.

Fear not! We’ve got some helpful hints that can help you change your eating habits in a hurry so you can go out and enjoy the nice weather to its fullest! And we promise, we won’t even make you eat kale, acai berries, or any other trendy “superfoods”.

Ditching Refined Sugar

Although there’s been a lot of hullabaloo over sugar in the last few years, it’s really only refined sugar that you should be watching for. The corn syrup and types of sugar found in processed foods, juices, (nearly everywhere, really) is one of the most damaging to your health and weight-loss efforts.

As a rule, you should cut soda from your diet. If you can, you should also consider replacing the sugar in your morning coffee with stevia, agave nectar, or another sweetener with a low glycemic index. What about fruits? We’ll come back to that a little later…

Cooking for Yourself

Restaurant food tastes great, sure, but most kitchens achieve that taste by loading their food up with unhealthy fats, sodium, and more stuff you should be avoiding. The best way to do this is to start to cook more of your meals at home.

If you can’t even make a box of macaroni and cheese, we recommend finding a YouTube lesson or a recipe for one of your favorite dishes. You’ll be surprised how easy and satisfying a from-scratch, home-cooked meal can be. It’s cheaper, too!

Upping Your Fruit & Veggie Intake

We don’t want to sound like your mother here, but you really should be eating more fruits and vegetables–four to six servings per day, ideally. The vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients found in vegetables and fruits can actually eliminate your need to take supplements of any kind.

A few easy “life-hacks” to up your fruit and veg intake include:

  • Eating dips with carrot or celery sticks instead of chips
  • Having a piece of fruit before an unhealthy meal
  • Making a smoothie with green vegetables and a few of your favorite fruits

We wish you the best of luck on your journey towards healthier eating habits!

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