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Where to buy healthy snacks online

Working from home has provided a welcome opportunity for me to take a deeper dive into the things that are most important in life, including personal wellness. Because people aren’t surrounding me throughout the...

Are health bars healthy?

When I hop into my trusty Toyota Corolla to zip off to work, there are four items I absolutely cannot leave home without: my phone, purse, water bottle, and a morning nutrition bar. By...
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How to sneak veggies into your diet

While the USDA recommended food portioning strategy has changed over the years from food wheels to food pyramids to food plates . . . , one thing has remained constant: the need for vegetables.

What is a Yoga Diet?

You know what a yoga studio, yoga mat, and yoga pants are, but do you know what a yoga diet is?  If you’re looking for a bulleted list with eat-this and not-that, then this...