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La Croix Sparkling Water: my review

This blog post is my review of La Croix Sparkling Water, and it includes some of my personal thoughts about this great brand of beverages.

My Melaleuca moment

Over the years, I’ve tried and tested a multitude of wellness items from many companies in my quest to find eco-friendly products with proven results that are produced by a socially-responsible company. It’s a...

Where to buy healthy snacks online

Working from home has provided a welcome opportunity for me to take a deeper dive into the things that are most important in life, including personal wellness. Because people aren’t surrounding me throughout the...

Is DietBet legit?

Is Dietbet Legit? The purpose of this blog post is to pick apart one of the internet’s most popular dieting apps! If you’re like me, the process of maintaining a healthy weight can seem...

Are health bars healthy?

When I hop into my trusty Toyota Corolla to zip off to work, there are four items I absolutely cannot leave home without: my phone, purse, water bottle, and a morning nutrition bar. By...
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How to sneak veggies into your diet

While the USDA recommended food portioning strategy has changed over the years from food wheels to food pyramids to food plates . . . , one thing has remained constant: the need for vegetables.

What’s the deal with intermittent fasting anyway?

I’m not a morning person, and I don’t particularly like eating food before noon, so you can imagine my intrigue when I learned I was practically already an intermittent faster. I just wasn’t thinking...
Hydration is the essence of life

Don’t be a hydro-hater

Don’t be a hydro hater, because water is essential to life and wellness.  So, if it’s so essential, why do many people dislike drinking it?  Just to be clear, although I’m not a hydro-hater,...